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We offer all the latest techniques in removable orthodontic treatment, so you have a choice.

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Obtain your free orthodontic smile analysis by clicking here:

Click here for your free orthodontic smile analysis

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When your email arrives with the treatment options we offer, click the choice you prefer.

Take impressions

We will send by mail an impression taking kit. Just follow the simple video instructions. Mail the impressions back to us.

Get your aligners package

In about six weeks, you will receive your clear aligners by mail. If you choose Invisalign, you will need to come to our office to have some bumps placed on your teeth to grip the Invisalign, and then another appointment when you are finished to have the bumps removed.

Treatment Monitoring

From your phone app, you will send us photos of your progress every month.

Great smile

When you are finished with orthodontic treatment, you can order some retainers to wear at night.

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