PROPEL VPro5 is an innovative orthodontic device that uses high-frequency vibrations to complement your clear aligner therapy.
Used for only 5 minutes per day, the VPro5 vibrates gently to help ensure that aligners are fully engaged with secure seating.

Used for only 5 minutes per day.

*Number one vibration device sold in the USA – 2017-2018 - to complement orthodontic treatments

VPro5 Components

  1. VPro5 Oscillator
  2. VPro5 Mouthpiece
  3. Charging Cable & Wall Adapter
Oscillator, Mouthpiece and Charging Cable

Directions for use

  1. Please use ONLY the charging cable provided, other cables may not be suitable for use with your device and could cause damage.
  2. Charge the device fully prior to first use/first patient appointment.
  3. Connect the mouthpiece to the oscillator. The Mouthpiece will only connect one way to the oscillator. Confirm that the device feels secure and stable.
  4. Depress (apply firm pressure) the white on-switch on the oscillator to activate vibration function. A blue light will illuminate. Device will slowly ramp up to full vibration.
  5. While wearing your aligners, bite down on the mouthpiece and begin vibration therapy.
  6. The device will function for 5 minutes and will automatically shut-off after the duration of treatment.
  7. LED Notification Light blinks green 3 times to indicate cycle is complete.
  8. After use, clean and charge device as needed.

Your Guide to Light Notifications

  • Blue
    • 5 minute cycle is in progress
  • Green
    • 5 minute cycle is complete (3 blinks)
    • Device is fully charged
  • Red
    • Switch is pressed by user before treatment is complete
    • When the 5 minute treatment is interrupted and not resumed within the 30 minute window
    • When the device is on/vibrating and user connects to USB (vibration will stop)
    • When the 5 minute treatment is interrupted and user connects to USB within the 30 minute window
  • Magenta
    • Device is at low battery level
  • Amber
    • Device is plugged into charger

The Science behind VPro5

In combination with orthodontic force, high frequency vibratory stimulation appeared to increase bone resorption activity and accelerated tooth movement

LeethanakulC., SuamphanS., et al. - Angle Orthodontist Vol 86 - Final 3-8 12-17

The application of high-frequency acceleration (vibration) was shown to increase alveolar bone formation

Osteogenic Effect of High-frequency Acceleration on Alveolar Bone. Alikhani M, Khoo E, et al. New York University

A device operating in the high frequency range would likely be most effective in creating tooth movement as well as offering shorter wear times

Differential Efficacy of two Vibrating Orthodontic Devices to Alter the Cellular Response in Osteoblasts, Fibroblasts, and Osteoclasts

Study Design

High Frequency Vibration
(120Hz) vs Low FV (30Hz)
Prospective Clinical Trial


In vitro human osteoblasts
and PDL fibroblasts were
divided into 2 study groups.
VPro5 vs LFH (30Hz)

Key Findings

  • HFV demonstrates positive
    effect on periodontal tissue
    in vitro.
  • HFV produced statistically
    significant, and greater
    Fibroblast Proliferation
Differential Efficacy of two Vibrating Orthodontic Devices

Stefan Judex, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Director, Integrative Skeletal Adaptation and Genetics Laboratory Stony Brook University Study submitted for peer reviewed publication. *Statistically significant between VPro5 vs. Low frequency vibration device (p < 0.05)